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What happens when your tooth is infected?

Dentist looks at x-rays

Do you have an infected tooth? Do you have chronic or severe pain in a tooth? Then to save that tooth, you will probably need a root canal or endodontic procedure.

A root canal involves opening into the tooth's nerve chamber and using very fine files to clean out all of the infected nerve tissue that extends down the tooth's root or roots. Contrary to common belief, the roots themselves are not removed; instead, your dentist will remove the nerve tissue inside them.

Once the nerve tissue has been removed, the roots are filled with a root canal filling material and the top of the tooth is repaired with a filling. However, if a lot of the tooth is broken or decayed, you may need a porcelain cap or crown to cover the tooth to protect it from future breakage.

In our office, Dr. Duronio does the vast majority of root canals. There are some rare situations when a patient will need to see an endodontic specialist. Dr. Duronio has no hesitation in referring patients to specialists if he feels that it would be best for the patient.

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